March Pundit #1

The Republican Party Is Shattering

Peggy Noonan

Wall Street Journal

3 March 2016

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Peggy Noonan’s article, “The Republican Party Is Shattering (2016),” examines the downward spiral of the Republican Party as a result of Trump’s recent success during Super Tuesday. Noonan backs up her argument by explaining how Democratic and Republican ideologies have shaped themselves into completely different views, with not even the slightest agreement on fundamental issues. In general, the author’s purpose is to point out that the slow collape of the Republican Party could result in a drastic change in political thought. Though the author is Democratic, Noonan’s fearful tone while  describing the consequence of loosing the Republican party suggests that she is writing towards well-educated Americans who respect Republican principals.

Noonan starts off her argument by establishing credibility through her narration. The author starts off by stating, “For me the Republican Party was always the vehicle of a philosophy, conservative political thought…” Though the columnist goes on to voice her opinion on topics she disagrees with compared to the Republican Party, yet she ends her list by writing, “at the prospect of the party’s shattering I feel somewhat shattered too.” Furthermore, Noonan’s first person narrative not only establishes ethos, but it also provides relatability to her audience members. Throughout the article, the author also throws around loose quotes about Donald Trump but does not reveal who said them, thus reflecting Trump supporters’ common thought. For example, Noonan states, “‘He can think outside the box.’ Can he ever.” Overall, the addition of general sayings and commentary about Donald Trump sprinkles some comedic relief in Noonan’s writing as she describes the severeity of Trump potentially becoming the Republican nominee.


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4 thoughts on “March Pundit #1

  1. Rosemary,
    I do not find it to be surprising that your columnist mentions Donald Trump; mine also does. As the days go by, I feel like his amount of attention increases. I assume that Noonan’s purpose of including the fact that she herself is “shattered” could mean several meanings. Could she talking about her personal life? Could she be talking about her own beliefs?


  2. Hi Rosie,
    It is becoming more apparent that Donald Trump isn’t the problem as much as a symptom of the vast disconnect between Republican establishment and working class Republicans. Do you think that the elephant in the room can regroup, or will it have to fall and give way to a new conservative party?


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